Bison & Night Skies — Ted Turner Reserves
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Bison & Night Skies


August at Vermejo is the peak of summer and the height of bison activity.  Accompany renowned photographer Sean Fitzgerald as you explore Vermejo’s 900 square miles of nature.  The weather tends to be clear with the afternoons bringing dramatic clouds and even rainbows. It is a great time to be in the high country, and a perfect time to set up near a bison herd and watch the action unfold. Elk and mule deer are in velvet, and the black bears are feeding on berries and acorns.  Night photography is at its finest. The Milky Way is big and bright under Vermejo’s dark skies. Chase wildlife opportunities, explore several of Vermejo’s stellar ghost towns and historic structures and shoot a range of landscapes, day and night.

Single occupancy ( 1 Room): $3,200

Double Occupancy ( 1 Room): $6,000

To make your reservation, call (877) 288-7637.

August 30 - September 3, 2021
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