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A New Year’s Resolution: I Will Seek Out Under-Touristed Destinations

Written by Lindsay Curry


It is upon us again.  That moment each year when we resolve to be better humans, work harder to achieve those as of yet unattainable goals, and when family, friends, colleagues and even acquaintances feel compelled to ask us about it, and we in turn are obliged to share our most personal ambitions.

I do my best in these moments to practice self-kindness by neither setting resolutions that imply I am less than in my current state, nor punish myself through undesirable obligations or restrictions.  No, I will not drink less wine nor stop binge-listening to true crime podcasts. Why set myself up for failure when I could instead aspire to more enjoyable objectives? 

The New Year is a time of promise – a time to dream bigger than our own backyards. Like many, I will resolve to experience more through travel in the coming year.  To learn from other cultures, to be inspired by new landscapes, and to become a better human through these explorations.  But is that selfish to desire that the world should change me for the better?  Shouldn’t I also endeavor to do the same for the world?

In 2019 – a time that now seems decades ago – the rise of the conscientious traveler was at its peak.  We turned from crowded tourist destinations, seeking locales unknown and unspoiled. Of course, it was a natural response to pursue human connection and return to the in-demand, populated places we could only dream of during the isolation of the pandemic, but in the wake of a year of “Revenge Travel” that found a mass influx of vacationers in obscenely crowded destinations around the globe, we travelers are keenly aware of the consequences of over-tourism . . . to not only our experience, but also to the environment. 

So back to my resolution for 2023 – one that I am happy to share with my fellow, travel-minded humans. This year, I will avoid the tourist trap destinations that damage the planet for the sole sake of greater profits.  I will seek out those places unharmed by over-development to experience the exquisite natural beauty of our planet, and with a moral obligation to protect it. And I will ensure my travel dollars contribute to improving the health of our planet to ensure there are many journeys ahead, for not only my family, but my children’s families and theirs’ beyond.

Here’s to the journeys ahead in 2023!