Our Mission — Ted Turner Reserves
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Connecting People with Nature

Our Mission

Connecting people with nature.

As stewards of spectacular and biodiversity-rich lands, our passion is to share the transformative power of nature with guests through authentic and meaningful experiences at our unique wilderness properties. We are committed to restoring, sharing, and safeguarding America’s wild places for future generations while providing an inspiring guest experience that showcases our planet’s natural treasures.

Vermejo Conservation


Ladder Conservation


Armendaris Conservation


Conservation and Wildlife

At Ted Turner Reserves, we proudly collaborate with the important environmental preservation and wildlife restoration projects funded by the Turner Foundation and Turner Endangered Species Fund. We exemplify the powerful role that travel can play in conservation by upholding sustainable tourism best practices throughout our world-class properties.

Vermejo Conservation


Ladder Conservation


Armendaris Conservation


As stewards of the lands where our partner foundations work, we actively support the company’s sustainable vision for our planet and guests alike. We host environmental researchers and scientists as part of our overarching mission to preserve wilderness areas for generations to come.

Conservation efforts on Ted Turner Reserves also include the protection of rare and iconic species – such as the North American bison, Bolson tortoise, Rio Grande cutthroat trout and Mexican wolf – along with initiatives like the riparian restoration plan and the Ponderosa pine restoration project. 

We welcome you to witness conservation in action while enjoying the holiday of a lifetime.

About Ted Turner

Ted Turner’s many titles are as diverse and impressive as his renowned legacy itself: Founder of CNN, Professional Sports Team Owner, Sailing Champion, Restaurateur, Philanthropist, Conservationist – just to name a few.

Turner’s appreciation for nature runs deep, compelling him to work tirelessly through his private company, Turner Enterprises, and his various foundations in support of land and species conservation.  It’s through Turner’s foundations – United Nations Foundation, Turner Foundation, Nuclear Threat Initiative, Turner Endangered Species Fund and the Captain Planet Foundation – that he has advanced his conservation and philanthropic efforts. Among his many considerable contributions is his historic $1 billion gift to the United Nations in 1997 – an event that resulted in the formation of the United Nations Foundation which established the global criteria for sustainable tourism best practices.  Through his foundations and individually, Turner has given millions to programs for improving air and water quality, developing a sustainable energy future to protect our climate, safeguarding environmental health and protecting wildlife and habitats to maintain biodiversity.

Turner wishes to share his love of nature and discovery in the hope that those visiting his properties will develop a deeper appreciation for and awareness of what our Earth has to offer and, just as importantly, a shared responsibility for the well-being of our environment.

“When we connect with nature, we heal ourselves.

When we protect nature, we heal the planet.”  – Ted Turner

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