Introducing our new Guide Immersion Program — Ted Turner Reserves
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Introducing our new Guide Immersion Program

Do you love nature and spending time outdoors? Enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, shooting, and want to teach others to love it too? Ready to do something tough, but rewarding and life-changing? If so, Vermejo’s Guide Immersion Program might just be your next adventure.

Before we get to the details of the program, we want to make sure that you understand a little about Ted Turner Reserves. We’re not just another luxury guest ranch.  We’re actually in the business of land conservation. Our purpose is to restore endangered habitats and species through regenerative tourism. That means providing excellent hospitality and experiences in nature to guests as a part of making places better than we found them; with healthier land, more balanced ecosystems, and stronger economies and communities. In the end, our goal is the same as Ted Turner’s: “Save Everything.”

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Our goal for the Guide Immersion Program is to find and train an exceptional group of outdoor explorers from a variety of cultures and life experiences, bringing them into positions of power by offering a month-long training adventure with the opportunity to apply for our seasonal activities crew this spring after successful completion of the program.


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For the month of October, you’ll live on Vermejo’s 550,000 acres of restored wilderness in northern New Mexico.  You’ll learn about the land and its history, geology, and wildlife. You’ll go hiking, biking, shooting, fishing, and touring with our expert guides and scientists, and then we’ll turn the tables and have you try your hand at guiding those same activities.

If you’re accepted to the program, you’ll get a taste of living in our staff accommodations and dining in our employee dining room, as well as an hourly wage.  Days will be spent diving into all of the knowledge our guides have acquired over years at Vermejo, to learn, do and explore, as much as possible in just a few short weeks.


This unique opportunity is not for the faint of heart. We promise you’ll encounter mental, physical, and emotional challenges in this rigorous program designed to develop the “best of the best” in activity guides.

Visit our careers page to learn more about living and working at Vermejo. To apply for the program now, click the button below and follow the link to the Vermejo Guide Immersion Program job description and application.

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