Melanie's Musings on Wellness Retreats at Vermejo — Ted Turner Reserves
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Melanie’s Musings on Wellness Retreats at Vermejo

How do you leave after six days of barely scratching the surface of the 550,000 acres of nature at Ted Turner Reserve’s Vermejo? Well, you don’t do it without creating a return strategy, I can tell you that!

September 2021 was a spectacular time to visit Vermejo for our first Mountain Magic Wellness Retreat. This high elevation pocket of northern New Mexico had received ample amounts of rainfall in July and August, making it one of the luckiest mountain locations in the otherwise drought-stricken desert southwest. The second wildflower bloom of the season was on full and glorious display. It wasn’t only the open meadows that burst with vibrant displays; it seemed as if every dirt road was lined with colorful blooms.

Castle Rock, Vermejo Park Ranch, New Mexico, USA.

The property was all that I could ask for in a luxury outdoor wellness retreat: the hospitality and staff are top-notch; the location is remote with a wide variety of recreational activities—and the food! Sustainably sourced and impeccably prepared and served, meals provided the pleasure of any great communal gathering, along with the fuel required to restore my mind and body after a day of exploring outdoors.

The ultimate objective behind my wellness retreats is to invite people to discover a place of immense beauty and harmony—both within themselves and in their outer environment. The fulfillment of this goal requires a place where the purity of intent behind a pilgrimage of mind and body is met—and welcomed—with the expansive possibilities of nature. That’s where I can facilitate an experience where my guests can move their bodies in a way that prepares the mind to have a restorative encounter with nature. Vermejo supplied all of this and more, leaving me with a feeling of home that I can return to again and again.

I am thrilled to share that we’ll be doing it again in 2022! I want to personally welcome guests to join me at our next Vermejo Wellness Retreat in January. We’ve created an itinerary of mind and body experiences that’s unlike anything you’ll find at even the most renowned destination spas. Intentionally curated movement and mindfulness sessions combine with outdoor explorations, fireside gatherings, and nurturing meals that will launch our New Year’s wellness resolutions well into the next decade. See you in January!