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Private, Private, Private, Private.

by Deann McBride

That’s four privates. It’s 2021 and we are ready to jump into a new year and get moving, especially when it comes to travel! However, COVID is still prevalent. So we’ve come up with a lovely solution. It’s private, private, private, private. Vermejo is the ultimate destination for privacy and seclusion with all of the comforts and indulgences that make a vacation memorable.

  • Private in-room dining, with all of those little touches of luxury we love.
  • Private travel, whether you choose to fly or drive.
  • Privately guided activities, with our expert guides safely distanced.
  • Private accommodations. Whether it’s an intimate suite for two, a 3- or 5-bedroom cottage for the family, or an opulent mansion to share with your closest circle, the setting is Ted Turner’s private reserve with over 550,000 acres of America’s best-kept wilderness to explore, it’s just like having a national park all to yourself.

dinner table set for private dining

bison steak


Longing for a few delectable restaurant-cooked meals? Let us bring Vermejo Lodge dining to you! We’ve updated our private dining program to make each meal feel even more like a special occasion. Instead of you coming to the lodge for meals, we’re happy to create a private dining space in your accommodation to create the comfort and ambiance of eating in the lodge. Tables and chairs, fresh linens, fine china, a selection of beverages, wine, or cocktails, it’s all there. We’ll set your table shortly before your arrival and deliver piping hot meals to your private dining space. Take your time savoring your culinary selections in complete privacy, just you and your travel group for just a small added fee. Then just leave the table and head out for your next adventure or to your suite to relax. We’ll take care of the clean-up when it’s convenient for you!

private plane

vermejo drivewayPRIVATE TRAVEL

You can always drive to Vermejo in the comfort and security of your own vehicle or rental. But, if the drive seems too far, Vermejo has now partnered with private air travel providers to make flying privately even more convenient and luxurious. You can land at Raton Municipal Airport/Crews Field just minutes from Vermejo property and we’ll be waiting there in an SUV to drive you and your luggage to Vermejo headquarters. Our guest vehicles have all been fitted with plexiglass shields between the front and back seats, and drivers always wear masks. If you’re more comfortable riding in a separate vehicle, we can help you arrange for a rental car to be waiting at the airport and a driver will lead you to Vermejo headquarters from a lead car, while you follow. Admittedly, our driveway is about 40 miles long so there is a bit of drive time, but the scenery is spectacular and you’re likely to spot, deer, elk, and other wildlife along the way.  Our reserve ambassadors will help arrange the details to make the travel itself a delightful way to begin your visit to Vermejo.



There are lots of things to do on your own at Vermejo, but when you have a private guide along to take you to the most beautiful views, point out the wildlife hiding in the trees, and tell the stories that go along with them, the world of Vermejo truly comes alive. Whether you choose a wildlife or history tour, shed hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, horseback riding, shooting sports, or any of our activities, a private guide will bring magic to the experience. Just like with an airport drive, you can choose to be in the same vehicle with your guide, separated by plexiglass and a mask, or in a separate vehicle, communicating by radio.

Turner Housebison in field


Finding yourself on seemingly endless acres of the most spectacular rewilded landscapes with hardly another human in sight is a hallmark of any trip to a Ted Turner Reserve. Nature therapy is a tonic for the soul. A day in the wild helps us feel our connection to the earth and soothes our busy thoughts and emotions. Returning to the comfort of your luxurious suite or cottage, or even a massive mountain lodge or turn-of-the-century mansion for a warm meal and a little relaxation by a crackling fire, rounds out a private, private, private, private visit to Vermejo.