Springing Into Ted Turner Reserves — Ted Turner Reserves
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Springing Into Ted Turner Reserves

Spring is here.

Tiny green buds are sprouting from tree limbs. Prairie dogs are waking up from their
winter slumber. White-throated Swifts are returning to southern New Mexico. Nature is
bursting back to life, bringing the energy of possibility and anticipation.

In the spirit of the season, we are delighted to announce our new name – Ted Turner
Reserves. Ted Turner Reserves speaks to Ted Turner’s legacy in the environmental
space as well as the vastness of our pristine reserves — Vermejo, Armendaris, and
Ladder – and retreat, Sierra Grande. The name encompasses both the ability to savor
nature through outdoor experiences and a sense of exclusivity while highlighting our
conservation efforts.

With our springtime transformation, you’ll see new logos, redesigned aesthetics, and
bold innovation, while still enjoying the sweeping landscapes, native species, and
intriguing history that have always been the hallmarks of Ted Turner’s properties. Even
though this season brings many changes, we will continue our work in conservation and
further our mission to connect people with nature.

Over the past year, we have been developing new hiking and biking trails to offer better
access to some of the most beautiful locations on our reserves. While staying at
Vermejo, you will see new signs and maps pointing out several hiking trails and over 11
miles of single-track mountain biking trails, even before leaving Headquarters.
We are also renovating Vermejo’s Turner House, formerly known as Casa Minor, our
most popular accommodation. In addition to the renovation, the new Turner House will
expand the gathering and relaxing spaces, create new wet bars and snack centers,
remodel the Vermejo spa, update the property’s landscaping, and develop more
convenient parking areas.

Vermejo’s top chef Cory Untch now offers culinary classes and cooking demonstrations
to the activity options. Visit our renovated 110-year old greenhouse and garden area to
see where we grow some of the delicious fresh produce included in our menu and
where you can forage for ingredients to use in our cooking classes.

We’ve not only updated our exploration activities but also expanded our rejuvenation
experiences. Soothing spa treatments and geothermal hot spring soaks have always
been a part of a Sierra Grande visit, but now we’ve introduced wellness options at
Vermejo too. Harness the healing power of nature by joining one of our outdoor yoga
sessions, exhilarating Fitness Trail classes or peaceful group nature walks.

Last but not least, we’ve built a new pen on Armendaris with a 6-foot high viewing
platform that will provide a home for approximately 100 endangered adolescent Bolson
tortoises until they have grown big enough to return safely into the wild.

We hope you enjoy the new look and feel of Ted Turner Reserves. Please follow our
website, blog and social media channels to learn about our efforts to conserve and
restore the land and its native species. Above all, we hope you’ll visit us at the Ted
Turner Reserves properties so you can find yourself in nature.