Forest to Table Workshop — Ted Turner Reserves
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Forest to Table Workshop


Dec. 11, 2022 - Dec. 17, 2022

Join us December 11th through 17th for our Women’s Forest to Table Workshop!

Curious to know where your food comes from? Interested in a chance to bring organic, grass-fed, non-GMO meat home to your table? Want to feel confident in the wilderness and learn backcountry skills that will last a lifetime?

From the beginning of history, humans have been hunter-gatherers, practicing the age-old principles of regeneration and balance. Now, Vermejo is offering an opportunity to join with a group of accomplished hunters, biologists, and chefs, to learn all of the skills necessary to bring organic, grass-fed elk meat from the forest to your plate in a way that honors the animal, the ecosystem, and your health.

Join special guest Bri Van Scotter, accomplished hunter, professional chef, and creator of Wilderness to Table, to learn the basics of firearm safety and shooting, wildlife ecology, learn how eating what you harvest can save the planet, and the art of wilderness hunting.

Along with a privately guided 2-on-1 cow elk hunt, in each workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Elk habitat, wildlife ecology, and ecosystem regeneration
  • Rifle shooting basics and field instruction with certified instructors
  • Spot and stalk techniques
  • Field dressing and butchering techniques
  • The Secrets to Preparing your harvest with Vermejo Executive Chef Giovanni Lanzante
  • Wine pairing with wild game

Participants will also receive a signed copy of Bri Van Scotter’s Complete Wild Game Cookbook.

A limited number of spaces are available. No experience is necessary—just an interest in learning and a desire to care for our planet.

To learn more about our Forest to Table Workshop, call a Reserve Ambassador at 877-288-7637, or send an email to