Snowbird Splendor in Southern New Mexico — Ted Turner Reserves
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Snowbird Splendor in Southern New Mexico

Date Jan. 1, 2024 - Apr. 30, 2024

Ladder | Armendaris

Fly south for the winter months to enjoy the vast and diverse natural landscapes at Ted Turner Reserves stunning Southern New Mexico Residences, the Hacienda at Armendaris, and Country House at Ladder, offering an ideal destination experience for exploration and discovery.

A perfectly curated, all-inclusive vacation awaits your arrival, with scenic North American safaris, exhilarating hiking and mountain biking and unlimited opportunities to relax and recharge for the new year in the comfort of your secluded abode.  A private chef will plan and prepare menus to your party’s desires, including the opportunity to delight in the regional cuisine that made this part of New Mexico famous: Hatch chiles.

Ladder and Armendaris’ residences each offer 4 luxurious bedrooms and ample living space to feel at home. As the sole accommodations on hundreds of thousands of stunningly beautiful rewilded acres, opportunities for enjoying the outdoors during the mild winter are unlimited.

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