Take Flight this Fall: Birding in Southern New Mexico — Ted Turner Reserves
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Take Flight this Fall: Birding in Southern New Mexico

Date Sep. 1, 2024 - Nov. 30, 2024

Ladder | Armendaris

Revel in the search for unique species while relaxing in rustic luxury, as the fall migration puts on a spectacular display across the Southwest.

New Mexico is a birder’s paradise, with one of the largest species lists in the US. Ted Turner Reserves’ Southern New Mexico properties, Armendaris and Ladder, are perfectly positioned within the Rio Grande flyway’s annual avian migration routes to take full advantage of the season’s splendor.

Tucked amongst the cool riparian cottonwood forests that spring up from the lifegiving tributaries of the Rio Grande is the Country House at Ladder. This 156,000-acre sanctuary welcomes neo-tropical migrant species annually and is home to a breeding area of over 260 species of birds, many of which build their homes in the nesting cavities of the country’s most easternly located Arizona sycamores on Animas Creek.

The National Geographic award-winning Hacienda at Armendaris, on a 360,000-acre reserve in the Jornada desert basin, boasts a vast variety of resident raptors, including an array of owls, roadrunners, hawks and falcons. Adjacent to the north end of the property is the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, home to one of the great sandhill crane’s favorite wintering spots. The Bosque’s annual Festival of the Cranes takes place at the end of fall, a peak time for crane-watching.

Armendaris and Ladder offer an exclusive experience, replete with private birdwatching tours and other personalized excursions, as we create a meal tailored to your party’s preference by professional private chef.

 Because each reserve welcomes just one travel party at a time, date availability is limited.

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