In New Mexico, the four lodges of the Ted Turner Reserves help fund the protection of one million acres of landscape in the U.S. Southwest. The space is owned by media mogul and philanthropist Ted Turner, whose theory is that if you design a situation where people can visit natural landscapes easily, comfortably, and in small numbers, people will become more interested in global conservation.

“Turner wishes to share his love of nature and discovery,” the reserves’ mission states, “in the hope that those visiting his properties will develop a deeper appreciation for and awareness of what our Earth has to offer and, just as importantly, a shared responsibility for the well-being of our environment.”

Of course, there is no perfect solution yet to the issues troubling the tourism industry. While private reserves can solve certain aspects of overcrowding and impact, they also raise new questions about the accessibility of land. Still, they provide a balance to mass tourism and, perhaps, give hope that more ideas are not far behind.