How To Travel Well — Ted Turner Reserves
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How To Travel Well

In 2019 the media mogul philanthropist Ted Turner opened his 1.1 million acres in New Mexico to guests as part of the Ted Turner Reserves to protect the land and showcase the massive and expensive rewilding and conservation work being done. There are now four mansion like eco-retreats on all that acreage, bookable by the room or as takeovers. The newest, opened in October, is Hacienda at Armendaris, Turner’s own home revamped. All offer the most deluxe, bespoke ways to experience the majesty of the southwest, with private activities, guides, chefs. If that feels overly oligarchical, banish the guilt. “We are in an extinction crisis,” says Laura Turner Seydel, a director of the Turner Foundation. “My dad devoted his time to building an arc”—bison, golden eagles, mountain lions, and more—“and what he did has to scale.” You’d be an agent of that.