Why New Mexico Is The Most Underrated State — Ted Turner Reserves
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Why New Mexico Is The Most Underrated State

Vermejo, New Mexico

When people think of New Mexico, most just think of a desert-like environment. But deep in northern New Mexico lies a spectacular nature & adventure reserve called Vermejo. A Ted Turner reserve, Vermejo is a place of conservation, a place to disconnect, a place to find yourself and a place to just be. Treat yourself, and book 2 nights here, and thank me later.

Known as the jewel of northern New Mexico, Vermejo reminds me of a national park. It is home to a wide variety of wildlife including elk, bison, black bears, and mountain lions. During my time there, I saw elk, bison, and a variety of birds. Whether riding horseback through open fields, exploring turn-of-the-century charcoal kilns, or fly fishing for Rio Grande cutthroat trout, Vermejo has something for everyone.