The Best Sustainable Hotels To Book For Every Single Kind of Trip — Ted Turner Reserves
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The Best Sustainable Hotels To Book For Every Single Kind of Trip

By Bonnie Culbertson


Eco-minded travelers are experiencing some major cognitive dissonance at the moment. It seems each day brings new intel about the destructive impact of overtourism and the massive amounts of carbon dumped into our atmosphere by airlines. Yet travel also exposes us to otherworldly wildlife and connects us to different cultures, providing for the tangible breed of experiences necessary for highlighting the vast spate of reasons that makes this world worth saving in the first place.

One tactic that may ease the tension of this traveler’s paradox is to choose hotels and accommodations that are working to sustain and give back to the lands and communities from which they benefit. Because as environmental stakes continue to rise, so too does the status quo for hotels everywhere—no matter what type of travel you have in mind, whether that’s a remote wilderness retreat, a high-design stay, a luxury getaway, or a big-city respite. So when planning your upcoming itineraries, consider choosing to rest your head at one of the more sustainable hotels rounded up below. You might just sleep better for it.


Various locations in New Mexico

You know a hotel has the planet’s back when the man behind it is Captain Planet himself. Media mogul, philanthropist, and creator of that planet-saving cartoon hero, Ted Turner opened Ted Turner Reserves in part to fund conservation efforts on the properties, all four of which rival the size of most U.S. National Parks (only with far fewer tourists) and combine to more than one million acres of Southwest wilderness. Any bald eagles, elk, bison, or black bears you might glimpse while riding horseback through the mountains or fly-fishing the Vermejo river are able to thrive as a direct result of the properties’ conservation efforts. Amid the rustic atmosphere, guests can enjoy luxury accommodations and elegant dinners, often featuring game meat harvested ethically on the premises.