For those who wish that something like Westworld existed today, you’re in luck. Fans can live out their frontier fantasies at each of these destinations, all of which are located on the same lands where some of the most famous — and infamous — stories of the American west took place.

1. Vermejo, a Ted Turner Reserve


Photo: Ted Turner Reserves

Located on more than half a million acres, a size larger than multiple national parks combined, Vermejo grants visitors unfettered access to a vast and largely untouched Southwestern wilderness. Thanks to conservation projects funded by its namesake as well as the resort itself, herds of bison, elk, and wild horses roam the mountains and valleys in numbers unseen since, well, the Old West. In true Westworld fashion, guests are invited to “choose their own adventure” and can spend the day taking in the peaceful scenery and mountain views on horseback or on foot, fly-fishing the Vermejo River, or brushing up on archery skills. Each activity is led by an experienced guide whose deep knowledge of the land and its history makes each individual experience unique. After a day of adventuring, guests convene over cocktails at the main lodge and trade stories around a patio fire pit as stars glitter overhead.

Vermejo’s well-preserved landscape isn’t the only reminder of the area’s historical roots. The land itself was the subject of an infamous territory dispute known as the Colfax County War, a bloody conflict that involved legendary figures like gunslinger Clay Alison and cowboy Davy Crockett. A number of violent shootouts from the war actually took place at the St. James Hotel in nearby Cimarron, New Mexico. One room at the St. James is said to be so haunted by the storied violence of the war that the hotel actually refuses to give it to guests.

Cost: From $1,150 per night, including three meals and two activities daily
Location: 40 Miles West Hwy. 555, Raton, NM